FULL BODY MASSAGE :: 50min | 70€
Re-energizing, Soothing, Jet Lag, Immune Booster, based on the principles of Aromatherapy, in the oriental techniques and stretching movements. Exclusive use of organic essential oils.
Full body giving primacy to superior & inferior limbs as well as feet, with the organic essential oils of Rosemary [circulation stimulation] and French Lavender [muscular relief].
AYURVEDIC MASSAGE :: 60min | 85€
An Indian Massage therapy which works the whole body, including deep tissue to the belly, ending with stimulation points on the head and face. One of its highlights is the application of a large amount of an essential oils blend.
Only in June, July, and August.

FOOT MASSAGE :: 30min | 40€
Foot massage or Reflexology consists of pressing specific zones of the feet, stimulating different organs of the body, which they reflect. The foot massage reduces stress and leaves a feeling of total relaxation.

BACK MASSAGE :: 30min | 40€
Target massage for the back, neck and shoulders.

All massages include the use of the hamam [only for guests].